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Send a Proposal to EIJO for launching a New Journal or Book

Proposal for Launching a New Journal

EIJO Journal System is an excellent online platform to start a new journal and EIJO Publishing is always willing to expand its open access journal collection. The EIJO welcomes proposals for new open access journals in all areas of Engineering, Science, Technology, Medical and Nursing.
If you are interested in starting a new journal to provide a home for an emerging field of research or simply want to provide an open access alternative to existing journals, submit your proposal for launching of a new journal with the following information.

Proposal for Launching a New Book

At EIJO Education India we are always looking for fresh ideas, new opportunities or simply a different perspective on an established subject. The first step in evaluating a new concept is for you to prepare a publishing proposal. The purpose of a publishing proposal is to provide detailed information on your intended project that will allow us to accurately assess its commercial viability. Be aware that your proposal will be used for internal evaluation procedures and may well be used for external peer review to help us objectively assess the merit of the project. The review process will not only help us reach a publishing decision but is very useful in identifying any minor areas for improvement at this early stage.

Concepts to Contract

So you have submitted a proposal and heard from an editor who thinks the idea may fit our publishing program-how exciting! But you like to understand the steps involved from developing your concept, writing the work and the production stage, through to the market launch and sales activities. If your proposal has received an initially encouraging evaluation then the appropriate publishing editor will coordinate the next steps. This includes market research, reviewing, team meetings, and project costing and possible presentation to the publishing committee. The time frame for this varies and depends on the type of project, the complexity of market analysis required and reviewer availability. An outline is provided here though your editor will provide specific timelines according to your project’s individual needs. Every step of the publishing and production process is designed to add value to your project and build upon its competitive edge. We have experienced and dedicated teams to each stage that work closely with you on the development of your product.

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